Git Branching and Forking

Git Branching and Forking

In this article you will know all about branching, forking and how to use them.


Fork vs Branch vs Clone

Branch -- Is simply a copy of the code in another copy of your code which can be created for a feature to be added in the application or any other modifications without affecting the main code. In later phase the branch can be merged with the master branch. For example branches can be created for different developers to keep it isolated Continue reading

Your First Git Repository

Your First Git Repository

In this tutorial we will be creating new repository and run basic commands


Create new repository and call it "dotsway"

Create a folder and initializing it.

mkdir dotsway

cd dotsway

git init

Now if you run ls -la you will notice a hidden folder called "git" this folder which will contain all tracking info. Continue reading

ChatOps and Chatbots

ChatOps and Chatbots

What are ChatOps and Chatbots ? why do we need them and more, this article is part of the Agile articles.


ChatOps is a collaboration which can get people, tools, system and the process all together into a workflow which everyone can see.

It's in a simple words a way of communication and conversation and this concept is not new but the digital way is what's making it hot topic. In the digital era the bots and tools also are part of the workflow which collaborate and add to the workflow. Continue reading

All About Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban and More in a Nutshell !

All About Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Kanban and More in a Nutshell !

In this article you will know what is Agile and other important terminologies which related to it.

What is Agile ?

It's uncovering a better way for developing software by doing it and helping others to do it. So it's a group of simple methods which will make things better through easier process.

Continue reading

DevOps: What is Continuous Delivery ?

DevOps Tutorial : What is Continuous Delivery ?

This is part of DevOps tutorials which will cover most of DevOps tools like Salt, Docker, Vagrant, Puppet and more.


What is Continuous Delivery

Any application needs to have some development phases with new features, with continuous delivery you are simply automating the steps of that delivery. You can simply automate the process using some tools to build, test and deploy to your environment. Continue reading

Angular 4 Authentication Tutorial With Firebase

Angular 4 Authentication Tutorial with Firebase

In this tutorial i will go through the Authentication basics in Angular 4, i will show you how it's working and how to create a simple one.

How does Authentication work ?

Since Angular is a frontend scripting language it won't be opening a session with the backend, it will be sending the auth. information to the server using an api or else to verify, since you don't want to keep authenticating everytime the client wants to check information Angular will send a token to be used to keep/remember logged in users. Continue reading

ERROR in ./~/firebase/app/shared_promise.js , Can't resolve 'promise-polyfill'

ERROR in ./~/firebase/app/shared_promise.js , Can't resolve 'promise-polyfill'

While using firebase SDK and after compiling my Angular 4 project i received this error, as it reads it's missing the promise polyfill script.


Just run the below command from the project working folder:


npm install promise-polyfill --save-exact