What is Chef Template, dealing with files in Chef and more

What is Chef Template, dealing with files and more!

In this article we will dig in some of the Chef resources, you can check all about chef here and how to install it by following this link.

What is Chef Template Resource

Simply they are Ruby ERB files which will act as a template for your cookbooks recipes.

How create a template ?

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Chef QuickStart – What is Chef and most used terminologies.

Chef QuickStart -- What is Chef and most used terminologies.

In this article you will know what is Chef, what are Chef Server Components, How to run your Chef Server, terminologies and components

What is Chef?

Chef is an infrastructure as code, an automation platform which will allow you to build and manage your infrastructure with ease. Chef is based on Ruby language. Continue reading

DynaTrace UEM

All about DynaTrace UEM

In this article I will be going about DynaTrace UEM, What is it ? and how to benefit from it.



What is DynaTrace UEM

UEM or User Experience Managment is another monitoring tool from DynaTrace which lets you monitor and drill through your application user behavior and logs.

This will help you to learn more about your user behavior, your application behavior, business transactions and all gettings errors and crashes. Continue reading

Git Branching and Forking

Git Branching and Forking

In this article you will know all about branching, forking and how to use them.


Fork vs Branch vs Clone

Branch -- Is simply a copy of the code in another copy of your code which can be created for a feature to be added in the application or any other modifications without affecting the main code. In later phase the branch can be merged with the master branch. For example branches can be created for different developers to keep it isolated Continue reading

AWS Placement Groups

AWS Placement Groups


What is AWS Placement Group ?

A placement group is a cluster of instances that are all in the same AZ. These instances have 10 Gbps networks and they need to have the “Enhanced Networking” feature. You need to put instances into a placement group if they need to have very low latency between them.

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