AWS Placement Groups

AWS Placement Groups


What is AWS Placement Group ?

A placement group is a cluster of instances that are all in the same AZ. These instances have 10 Gbps networks and they need to have the “Enhanced Networking” feature. You need to put instances into a placement group if they need to have very low latency between them.

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AWS Interview Questions – Part 2

AWS Interview Questions

This article is a continue to the first part, to check the first part of AWS interview questions then follow this link.


How to use EBS on EC2 and run EBS Backup ?

Create Elastic Block Store "EBS" and then attach it from the console to your desired EC2, create filesystem and format it like normal physical storage.


#1 Using Console

  1. Connect to AWS Console
  2. Search for EC2.
  3. Choose EBS then Snapshots.
  4. Choose create snapshots.
  5. Select the volume in the dialogue bar.

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AWS S3 Tutorial: Create a Static Website without a Server

static website s3

Create Serverless Websites using AWS S3

You can host your static website using only AWS S3 storage for hosting without the need of any server-side technologies, this considered one of the easiest way for web hosting, Amazon can provide a lot of web hosting services and this can be used from beginners to pro.

Simple Steps

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How to Use AWS Rekognition ( Image Recognition by AWS )

Learn All About AWS Rekognition

What is AWS Rekognition ?

Amazon Rekognition AWS is an image analysis and recognition software which was built on the top of deep learning , deep learning is an AI system which is used to analyse and recognize images, with AWS Rekognition you can use all the image analysis features without the need to build or learn any of the deep learning technologies, AWS Rekognition was released on November 2016 as the first cloud image analysis service by Amazon.

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