Git Branching and Forking

Git Branching and Forking

In this article you will know all about branching, forking and how to use them.


Fork vs Branch vs Clone

Branch -- Is simply a copy of the code in another copy of your code which can be created for a feature to be added in the application or any other modifications without affecting the main code. In later phase the branch can be merged with the master branch. For example branches can be created for different developers to keep it isolated Continue reading

Your First Git Repository

Your First Git Repository

In this tutorial we will be creating new repository and run basic commands


Create new repository and call it "dotsway"

Create a folder and initializing it.

mkdir dotsway

cd dotsway

git init

Now if you run ls -la you will notice a hidden folder called "git" this folder which will contain all tracking info. Continue reading

Git Quick Start – Learn How to Install GIT and More

Git and Github Installation

Github and Git Quick Start
Install Git  and use it with Github

Git is a source version control which can help you to keep history for all your code or files, source version control software helps programmers to have access to code while keep record for all versions and give the ability to them to work in parallel.

Install Git on Windows/Linux and Mac:
Go to this link to download the right version for your operating system, installing Git on Windows is straight forward as it's a simple wizard, on Linux you can use 'yum install git' or 'apt-get install git'  depends on the Linux flavor you are using. Continue reading