AWS S3 Tutorial: Create a Static Website without a Server

static website s3

Create Serverless Websites using AWS S3

You can host your static website using only AWS S3 storage for hosting without the need of any server-side technologies, this considered one of the easiest way for web hosting, Amazon can provide a lot of web hosting services and this can be used from beginners to pro.

Simple Steps

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S3 Bucket AWS Tutorial for beginners

AWS S3 Overview

AWS S3 Tutorial

In this Amazon AWS S3 Storage Tutorial for Beginners i will show you what is amazon s3, what is aws s3 used for, i will discuss the S3 features and terminologies like:

S3 Bucket
S3 Bucket URL
S3 Object

Simple Storage Service or S3 is another cloud storage service from AWS.

So what are the features which differentiates it than other storage services?

What AWS S3 Used For

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