All About Selinux Enforcing

What is Selinux Enforcing and How to Disable it

What is Selinux ?

Selinux stands for Security Enhanced Linux, so as it reads from it's name it's about the security layer for Linux kernel. It includes a set of kernel modifications which includes a defense layer for the Linux system.

Check Selinux Status


For extra details you can run

setatus -v

Selinux Modes

Selinux has 3 modes: Continue reading

Apache Hardening: Disable Folder Listing

Disable Folder Listing on Apache HTTPD

Disable Browsing on Apache

One of the first steps when you start securing your Apache server is to disable the directory browsing, you don't want anyone to browse your file and know the structure.

Disable Folder Browsing

In this example i will disable browsing for /var/www/html/dotsway folder. Continue reading