Angular 4 Structure

Angular 4 Structure/Architecture

Angular 4 Structure

In Angular 4 structure section we will take a look on Angular 4 main structure, i will be trying to give a simple definition for each.

Angular 4 Application

Angular 4 consists of  Components, Services, Modules, Directives, and Dependency injection let us now take a look on each. Continue reading

What is Angular 4 Service and How to Use it

How to Create Service in Angular 4

How to Create a Service in Angular 4

What is Angular 4 Service and How to Install and Use the Service.

If you did not create your first Angular 4 project yet you can check click here to learn how to create Angular project.

What is Angular Service

While creating an application you will have piece of code or method that you want to use and call in a different places, instead of repeating it you can insert it in a new reusable file which called service and call it 'inject it ' from different components whenever needed by importing it at the beginning of the code. Continue reading