Bahubali on Linux Login and Welcome Message

Bahubali Ascii Art Image SSH Banner as Linux Welcome Message

Bahubali Linux Welcome Message

First we need to have Bahubali text as an Ascii art which will be better than normal text, for this i will be using a utility called Figlet which is a graphic text generator, Figlet is a text to ascii art conversion can make your welcome screen much nicer by having several feature and different output types. It's one funny linux command!
Download Figlet the graphic text generator

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Migrate from to Self Hosted WordPress

Migrate your WordPress Blog

Migrate your WordPress Blog

I had my blog on and i have decided to move it to one of the self hosted wordpress, main reason was because they don't support Google adsense.


Migrate WordPress Blog


First go to your original hosting and access your wp-admin, in my case in I had to click on it, most other cases it would be from yourSite/wp-admin.


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