I am lazy all the time! What should i do?


I have big plans and big goals but sometimes i feel like i am too lazy, i do plans and put schedule and then i get back to my laziness, if you need a solution for that let me share with you what i have found useful so far:

  1.  Always remember that it's all about you body, mind and spirit, so don't expect that you will be super motivated without being sure that you are getting all the nutrients, vitamins and mineral that you need.
  2. Exercise, yes you know it but do you do it ?! be sure to even jump in place daily, do anything and don't sit potatoe head blaming the world!
  3. Split your goals into milestones to see some achievements which going to motivate you to keep going, so just start with small small steps to reduce the inner resistance and then increase your goals gradually.
  4. Don't overwhelm yourself by so many goals which will end you up demotivated.
  5. Don't get distracted ?! simple ? then do it.
  6. Start with higher priority things and leave the rest till the end.
  7. If you are not following your schedule or plan, then maybe you need to start by self discipline yourself, maybe by controlling yourself of doing things that you want and force yourself, for me sometimes i do it by controlling myself not to eat this chocolate now even if i want it and i eat it after two hours that way i am teaching myself to take control.
  8. Sometimes you are burned out, you work 27 hours a day and actually your body and your mind need to rest, so you are not lazy but you need rest, then pause and stop whatever you are doing for sometime, take a week break or so and then start with fresh mind, sometimes finding the root cause is always important than forcing yourself to work or study.
  9. There is always a reason for whatever you are trying to do, always remind yourself with the main reason which made you start this in the first place, you are exercising ? then think why you are exercising and remind yourself with the goals, you are learning new skill then remind yourself why you are doing that, it's always good way to remind yourself and find your passion.
  10. Finally don't surrender and believe in yourself, surround yourself with people who are motivated, with motivational quotes, just do whatever it takes to get you there.