Raccoon Living Around My House!


For so many of you seeing a raccoon is normal but back home I have never seen one and not sure what I should do next !

I started googling and reading about raccoons and let me share what I found so far.

Why you should not just live while you know that a raccoon is your neighbor!

  1. A rodent with dangerous diseases
    They carry so many diseases like rabies and roundworms, since they have claws and could also bite they can transfer diseases to humans easily.
    If a raccoon has roundworms the eggs will be in it's feces and can be transferred to you through even inhaling!
  2. Do they attack humans?
    It's very rare but you don't want to risk it, especially that I have a kid and i am not going to take any chances. Also, they do attack and sometimes kill cats and small dogs.
  3. Property damage
    It can damage your property and plants. I was planning to grow some tomatoes and stuff but now i won't until i find a solution to get rid of it.

How to Get Rid of a Raccoon    "below picture is based on true story!"


  1. Don't make them feel that they are welcome !
    Clean your trash, don't leave any food...etc
  2. Trap
    For me if i decided to trap it, i am going to ask for professional help, am not going to do it on my own.
  3. Repellent
    I found online some sprays and liquids that they work as a repellent, this is the first thing i am going to try and also i am going to discuss it with my neighbors to see if i am the only one with this phobia !