CentOS/Linux : Rescue Mode

RedHAT Emergency Mode

If your system is still running and you are using CentOS 7 then just type the below command, if you cannot access the command line then proceed to #2:

systemctl rescue

This will reboot the main system to rescue mode and ask you for the root password.
First reboot your system using either hard reboot or soft reboot, then pause the menu by moving up and down with cursor, then you need to hit 'e' to edit the parameters, you will see similar screen to below:

CentOS Rescue Mode

Type at the end of the line and before the initrd 'rescue' like below and then press or if you are using CentOS 7 then type 'systemd.unit=rescue.target' then hit 'ctrl+x' to continue with modified parameters

RedHAT Rescue Mode


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