Error 1114 (HY000) at line : The table " is full

MySQL Table Error
If you are getting that error:

Error 1114 (HY000) at line : The table " is full

You can try one of the below methods:

Check the 'innodb_data_file_path' limit by

SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES LIKE 'innodb_data_file_path';

This should show anything above the following:


Be sure what filesystem are you using to confirm that there is no limit stopping you

df -hT | grep -i mysql

Increase the 'tmp_table_size' in your MySQL configuration (/etc/my.cnf) :

tmp_table_size = 128M

Don't forget to restart your MySQL service if you make any changes to the configuration

Be sure that the tmp folder is owned by MySQL user

chown mysql:mysql <tmp-folder>

Check innodb_file_per_table if it's enabled or disabled, for me it worked when it's off

Disable it by checking the value in my.cnf to be:

innodb_file_per_table = 0

You can also check the value in MySQL by running below query:

show variables like "%innodb_file%" ;

To find the my.cnf "MySQL configuration file" you can run below command:

mysql --help | grep "Default options" -A 1

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