Install GOLang on Linux

GOLang Programming Language
What is GOLang?

It's a programming language which started at 2007 by Google, the main initiative was to have a language based on C++ but with modern syntax.

What is GOLang Good For ?

I have seen people doing some servers' background jobs with it, also a lot of popular open source apps were created by GoLang like Docker for example, still i don't see it as all around language like Java for example.

Popular Open Source Applications Done by GOLang:

Docker, Kubernetes,Etcs, Desi, Flynn, Lime, Revel, InfluxDB and load more of other open sources are built by golang

How to install go on Linux

Go to any of your desired folder to download golang package and replace the url after wget by the latest version you find here. ""

In below example i am using --no-check-certificate to ignore any invalid SSL certificate since i am sure of the source.

cd /home/dotsway/
wget --no-check-certificate

Extract the tarball:

tar xvfz go1.8.1.linux-amd64.tar.gz
cp -R /home/dotsway/go /usr/local/

Now you need add 'go' to your Linux environment, click here to know how to add path to Linux environment.


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