What is AWS Elasticsearch and How to Use it

What is AWS Elasticsearch or AWS ES and How to Create Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch Tutorial

What is Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch is a free open-source analytic and search engine which can be used for searching our own logs, monitoring them and more.

What is AWS Elasticsearch / AWS ES

AWS Elasticsearch is a service which makes it easy to deploy and use Elasticsearch in the cloud, by using it in AWS it will be easier to cluster and scale, it can be used also for monitoring your nodes and have multiple configuration.

After creating your AWS ES you will have the options to uploaded your data files to be analyzed and indexed by AWS ES.

The AWS ES upload can be done using:

  • Index or Bulk API using¬†coding options to accomplish this. (index details , bulk details)
  • Loading bulk using logstash. (For details check here)
  • Stream CloudWatch logs to AWS Elasticsearch. (Documentation)
  • Use third party plugins, which some will give you options to bulk copy, streaming or load from AWS S3. (Ex.:¬†Amazon S3 River plugin for ES)
  • Using CURL
  • And everyday more solutions are coming......

How to create AWS Elasticsearch

First you need to create a cluster in the AWS Cloud and that will be your Elasticsearch domain, as any of the other AWS similar services you will be able to choose the number of instances in this domain and their hardware type, for creating your Elasticsearch you can use AWS CLI, AWS SDK or the ES console.

What are the steps of creating your first AWS Elasticsearch?

  • You create the domain from AWS ES console.
  • Configure and attach the policy you will use.
  • Configure and/or upload the files/data will be analyzed by AWS Elasticsearch
  • Now you can use your AWS ES domain for searching and analyzing the uploaded data

Below is a video tutorial showing how to create and use AWS Elasticsearch as a quick start:

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