Create AWS Instance from an Image

To create AWS EC2 Instance from an image you can follow the below steps:

Create an image for the desired EC2 you want to move (If you don't have an image already)
  1. Connect to console.
  2. Go to EC2 > Instances.
  3. Right click the desired instance and stop it Instance State > Stop  (this will cause a downtime).
  4. Right click the desired instance again and choose Image > Create Image.
  5. Put a name inside the image name and a description if needed, be sure the storage is checked and proceed by following 'Create Image' button.
Launch an instance from the image

Launch AWS Instance From ImageFig #1


  1. From EC2 > Images > AMIs
  2. Right click on the image and choose launch (Fig#1)
  3. Go through the wizard by choosing the instance type, storages..etc

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