Move EC2 to Different Region

Create EC2 Image

You can move your instance from a region to another by copying the AMI image to a different regions

Create an image for the desired EC2 you want to move
  1. Connect to console.
  2. Go to EC2 > Instances.
  3. Right click the desired instance and stop it Instance State > Stop  (this will cause a downtime).
  4. Right click the desired instance again and choose Image > Create Image.
  5. Put a name inside the image name and a description if needed, be sure the storage is checked and proceed by following 'Create Image' button.
Copy the image to different region
  1. Go to Images > AMIs
  2. Right click the image and choose copy AMI.
  3. Choose desired destination and put name and description.

Now if you go to the destination which you have chosen in the above step 3 you will find the AMI inside EC2 > Images > AMIs

  1. From EC2 > Images > AMIs
  2. Right click on the image and choose launch.
  3. Go through the wizard by choosing the instance type, storages..etc

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