Bahubali on Linux Login and Welcome Message

Bahubali Ascii Art Image SSH Banner as Linux Welcome Message

Bahubali Linux Welcome Message

First we need to have Bahubali text as an Ascii art which will be better than normal text, for this i will be using a utility called Figlet which is a graphic text generator, Figlet is a text to ascii art conversion can make your welcome screen much nicer by having several feature and different output types. It's one funny linux command!
Download Figlet the graphic text generator

yum install figlet


First download figlet for which matches your Linux Distro. from ''

Now install Figlet using:

rpm -i package_name.rpm

Now you can test Figlet big font generator
Figlet bahubali 2

Bahubali Linux Welcome Message
Now you can copy the ascii art image and use it as Linux login message 'ssh login message'

vi /etc/motd
paste the ascii art here
What is motd ?

This is the message of the day, the content of this file will appear after successful ssh login.
Also you can use the generated ascii text as a ssh welcome message by editing the etc issue file.
vi /etc/issue
paste the ascii art here

Activate the ssh banner

vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Banner /etc/issue
Save /etc/issue file

systemctl restart sshd
On RHEL 5/6
service sshd restart

You can use sites like ascii-art to find also ascii art image for your Linux login message.

Using motd for ssh login message




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