Angular 4 HTTP Get Example

Angular HTTP Service

In this tutorial i will be showing you how to create a simple text input which will accept a city name, then it will request the weather of that city from OpenWeatherMap free API service.

Angular 4 HTTP Get Example

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First i will create a input box and a button which will trigger the HTTP request, for the button it will be calling a searchCity function which we will create later.


[(ngModel)]=cityName --  ngModel to bind cityName variable I am using the below

<input type="text" [(ngModel)]=cityName>

Next step to create a button to trigger the http request

<button (click)=searchCity()>Search</button>

Next will import the http service in the component. And also import response which will be used to register and assign the response into a variable.


import { Http , Response} from '@angular/http' ;

Inside the class we need to do the following:

Create http constructor

constructor(private http: Http) { }

Then i will create the function which is triggered by the button we created. In this function i will be calling the api while adding the input text box value as a parameter called cityName

searchCity() {
this.http.get('' + this.cityName )
.subscribe (
(res: Response) => {
const weatherCity = res.json() ;


After running the project using ng serve, you can test it by right click and choose console to find something similar to below image.

Angular 4 HTTP Service




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