S3 Bucket AWS Tutorial for beginners

AWS S3 Overview

AWS S3 Tutorial

In this Amazon AWS S3 Storage Tutorial for Beginners i will show you what is amazon s3, what is aws s3 used for, i will discuss the S3 features and terminologies like:

S3 Bucket
S3 Bucket URL
S3 Object

Simple Storage Service or S3 is another cloud storage service from AWS.

So what are the features which differentiates it than other storage services?

What AWS S3 Used For

S3 is a very good storage option for static files. It's a standalone storage service which means you can access it from anywhere without the need to attach it to a server.
S3 standard is designed to guarantee up-time of 99.99 %, the storage will be mirrored and copied to different data centers in the same region automatically and you don't need to do or manage anything for that.

S3 Termenologies

S3 has some terminologies which you need to get familiar with.
For example each storage you create is called a bucket and you can create up to 100 bucket per aws account.
Each stored file whether it's text, image or a video is called an object.
You can secure S3 by Using ACL
You can give read, write or full control access, S3 ACL has predefined groups with acess permissions to choose from.

You can access your S3 objects using http protocol

So it will be the http and bucket name and then s3.amazonaws.com

Or you can address a specific region

S3 has a built-in versioning feature, which means that when you enable versioning, every file history will be saved. If you edit a file, save it then open it again to delete something and then open it for a third time and keep editing, all the history will be saved and you can rollback to any version at any time.

In the next video i will be showing you how to create your first bucket and how to use it.


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