Generate SSH Key on Linux and Convert it to be used on Windows

Create SSH Key

Generate SSH Key on Linux and Convert it with Puttygen for Windows

In this tutorial i will show you how to generate an ssh key on linux, i will be using the ssh keygen and convert the key using puttygen.


Login to your Linux Machine
Create new user

Replace newUser with any user name you desire.

useradd newUser

Then switch to the desired user

su newUser

Generate new SSH Key

ssh-keygen -t rsa


Authorized Keys

Now we need to add the public key to the authorized keys list

cat /home/newUser/.ssh/ >> /home/newUser/.ssh/authorized_keys

Modify file permissions for security purposes

chmod 644 /home/newUser/.ssh/authorized_keys


Transfer private key to your local machine

You can simply copy the file content of /home/newUser/.ssh/id_rsa to a file and name it newUser.pem

Note: If you are using notepad be sure to save the file using 'ansi' encoding.

Notepad Unicode Ansi



Convert pem to ppk

This is an essential step to use the key from windows system.

Download puttygen.exe 

  1. Load private key
  2. Choose the file you created
  3. save with .ppk extension

Convert pem using puttygen


Generate SSH key on Linux and Convert SSH key to PPK




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