AWS S3 Tutorial: Create a Static Website without a Server

static website s3

Create Serverless Websites using AWS S3

You can host your static website using only AWS S3 storage for hosting without the need of any server-side technologies, this considered one of the easiest way for web hosting, Amazon can provide a lot of web hosting services and this can be used from beginners to pro.

Simple Steps

  1. Create S3 Bucket.
  2. Select the bucket
  3. Select properties tab
  4. select 'static website hosting'.
  5. Choose 'use this bucket to host a website'
  6. Index document 'this is the folder and file name or the default page ex.: index.html..etc'
  7. Error documentĀ 'specify the error page to show whenever a file not found or any other error'
  8. Redirection rulesĀ 'you can setup custom rules to redirect specific pages'
  9. Save
Upload your files
  1. Upload your files by dragging and dropping your files, make sure files are in the index document location you specified earlier.
  2. Make sure the Index permission is set to 'read' by everyone "check below figure"

S3 Static Website - Permissions



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