AWS EBS Daily Automated Backup

AWS EBS Backup

How to Create AWS EBS Daily Automated Backup

In this tutorial i will show you how to create automated daily backup for AWS EBS using CloudWatch by creating an event and choose specific Volume ID

  1. Login to AWS Console.
  2. Search for CloudWatch inside the searchbar.
  3. Select 'Events'.
  4. Select 'Create rule'.
  5. Choose 'Schedule'.
  6. Add recurrence time by cron or fixed rate.
    • Cron example: "0 5 * * 0" means every Sunday at 5am
  7. Select 'Add target'.
  8. Choose 'EC2 Create Snapshot API Call'.
  9. From Volume ID choose desired EBS. "You can add multiple EBS Volumes as multiple targets"
  10. Select 'Configure Details'.
  11. In this screen just add a name and description for the event rule to differentiate it than other rules.
  12. Inside AWS Permissions create a new role which will open a new window
    1. Select 'Allow' button.
  13. Select 'Create Rule'.



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