Create an Instance from EBS Snapshot

 Create AWS Snapshot


Create an AMI from EBS Snapshot and Create an Instance from it

In this tutorial i will show you how to create an image from EBS snapshot and create an instance from the created AMI.

  1. Login to your AWS Console.
  2. Search for EC2 in the search bar.
  3. Open Snapshots under 'Elastic Block Store' section.
  4. Right click desired snapshot you created earlier.
  5. Select 'Create image'.
    1. Choose name.
    2. Change 'Virtualization type' to 'Hardware-assisted virtualization' if this is the case with original EC2 instance.
    3. In case you need to add additional storage select 'Add New Volume'.
    4. Click on 'Create'
  6. Go to 'AMIs' under 'Images' section.
  7. Select created image.
  8. Right click or hover 'Actions' button.
  9. Select 'Launch'.
    1. Choose desired cpu.
    2. Follow the wizard by clicking next steps till you reach the 'Launch' button.
    3. Be sure to choose a key or create one.
  10. Select 'Instances' under 'Instances' menu.
  11. New instance will be there and you can connect to it once it's ready.


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