AWS Interview Questions – Part 2

AWS Interview Questions

This article is a continue to the first part, to check the first part of AWS interview questions then follow this link.


How to use EBS on EC2 and run EBS Backup ?

Create Elastic Block Store "EBS" and then attach it from the console to your desired EC2, create filesystem and format it like normal physical storage.


#1 Using Console

  1. Connect to AWS Console
  2. Search for EC2.
  3. Choose EBS then Snapshots.
  4. Choose create snapshots.
  5. Select the volume in the dialogue bar.

#2 From AWS CLI

By running command similar to below:

aws ec2 create-snapshot --volume-id vol-1234567890abcdef0 --description "This is my root volume snapshot."

You can use above method in a shell script to automate daily or periodical backup.

#3 Automate Backup

  • Open the CloudWatch console.
  • In the navigation pane, choose Events -> Create rule.
  • For Event Source, do the following:
    • Choose Schedule.
    • Choose Fixed rate of and specify the schedule interval (for example, 5 minutes). Alternatively, choose Cron expression and specify a cron expression (for example, every 15 minutes Monday through Friday, starting at the current time).
  • For Targets, choose Add target and then select EC2 Create Snapshot API call.
  • For Volume ID, choose an EBS volume.
  • Choose Configure details.
  • For Rule definition, type a name and description for the rule.
  • For AWS permissions, choose the option to create a new role. This opens the IAM console in a new tab. The new role grants the built-in target permissions to access resources on your behalf. Choose Allow. The tab with the IAM window closes.
  • Choose Create rule.


What are the Different Layers of Cloud Computing ?

  • IaaS -- Infrastructure as a service.
  • PaaS -- Platform as a service.
  • SaaS -- Software as a service.


What is Amazon Snowball ?

It's a device which you can user from Amazon to import/export your data to and return it back to Amazon, this can help when you have huge data "1 petabyte" which will take time to transfer through the internet.


How to Speed Up Snowball Transfer ?

By making multiple transfer at the same time "ex.: multiple cp commands from different terminals to same snowball"


Can you Connect  Datacenter to your AWS Cloud ?

Yes. Using Direct Connect and VPN Gateway.


Can you Change EC2 Instance Private IP ?

No you cannot but you can assign and change a secondary IP.

What Cloudfront will do when Content is not Available in the Edge ?

Will request the information from the origin and save it on the edge too.

How can you Prevent Losing Connectivity when Direct Connect Fails or Down ?

By having a second Direct Connection. "Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD)".


What are the Differences Between RedShift, RDS and DynamoDB ?

RDS is a relational database service which is self managed, patches, updates and backup will be managed automatically and backup options through the console, DynamoDB is for NOSQL unstructured data while Redshift is for warehouse data and used mainly for analysis.


Can Standby RDS be Used as a Read Replica ?

No. Standby RDS is used as part of Multi-AZ for fail over and that's different than read replica.


Can you Create RDS Multi Region?

Yes. Now with Cross-Region you can have a read replica in different regions as a disaster plan and then track the status from the RDS events notification.




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