How to Install Puppet Enterprise Server And Nodes

How to Install Puppet Enterprise Server And Nodes

In this tutorial I will show you how to install the Puppet Automation tool master and nodes.


It's good practice to have a Puppet master server which will be controlling the agents and yet agents/nodes will be pulling all info and configurations from there.


Time should be accurately set and synced on Puppet master therefor will install the Network TIme Protocol.

yum install -y ntp

You must open firewall to port 8140 as this is the port which will be used from nodes too.

Install Puppet


Install Puppet repo. Below example is using el-7 "Which is for CENTOS and RedHAT 7".

rpm -ivh

Edit the /etc/yum.repos.d/puppetlabs.repo and change enabled from 0 to 1.


Install Puppet Master

 yum --enablerepo=puppetlabs-products,puppetlabs-deps -y install puppet-server


Edit Puppet Configuration

The main configuration resides in /etc/puppet/puppet.conf. Now you need to edit it and add the below



Create the Key

Run below command and be sure to hit ctrl+c to break it after the key.

puppet master --verbose --no-daemonize

Above command will run the puppet but not in the background, this will let you create the key and just stop it after.


Start Puppet Master and Enable it

systemctl start puppetmaster
systemctl enable puppetmaster


Install Puppet Agent


yum -y install


Enable the repo by changing all enabled=0 to enabled=1 and save the file. "/etc/yum.repos.d/puppetlabs.repo"


yum --enablerepo=puppetlabs-products,puppetlabs-deps -y install puppet


Configure Puppet Agent

Open /etc/puppet/puppet.conf and add the server to point it to the master server.

vi /etc/puppet/puppet.conf

in [agent]
server = your-puppet-master-servername


# add follows into [agent] section : Puppet server's hostname or IP address
server = master_server_name


Change Puppet Agent Time Interval

Puppet agent by default check the master every 30 minutes, to change this you can simply edit /etc/puppet/puppet.conf and add the following to the [agent] section.

runinterval= 15m

This will change it to 15 minutes instead.


Testing Puppet Agent

puppet agent --test --ca_server=master-server-name


Start Puppet Agent Daemon and Enable it

systemctl start puppet
systemctl enable puppet



Sign Node from Puppet Master Server

Login to Puppet Master server and do the following:

List Certificates

puppet cert list

You will find the node name now run the following and change the host with your node name.

puppet cert --allow-dns-alt-names sign

List Nodes from Master

puppet cert list --all

Test Puppet Agent

puppet agent --test --noop


Testing Your First Puppet Manifest


From Puppet Master Server


vi /etc/puppet/manifests/site.pp
group { 'testgroup':
    ensure => present,
    gid    => 2000,

Above example will create testgroup in all nodes.


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