ChatOps and Chatbots

ChatOps and Chatbots

What are ChatOps and Chatbots ? why do we need them and more, this article is part of the Agile articles.


ChatOps is a collaboration which can get people, tools, system and the process all together into a workflow which everyone can see.

It's in a simple words a way of communication and conversation and this concept is not new but the digital way is what's making it hot topic. In the digital era the bots and tools also are part of the workflow which collaborate and add to the workflow.

One of the pros is transparency and logging, check comments and information about deployments, go back in time and check all about previous actions and more.


Collaboration Platforms Examples

  • Slack
  • Hipchat
  • Yammer
  • Jive
  • Ibm Connections
  • ... and more.



This is one of the most popular Chatbots that you will hear about, in slack you will have different public and private chat rooms for different subjects or teams, a public room/channel for everyone to check what is going one, you can drag and drop files and by selecting or hovering the file you can have a chat with the team regarding those files.

Slack App Integration

With Slack you can have a lot of other applications integrated to see information or feed from (Ex.: Git , Twitter ....etc).


Chatbots Examples

Chatbots are the intelligent way to build a bot which will help you to automate things through apps like Slack for example. So a chatbot in any of the collaboration apps will not communicate with user but can achieve and apply several tasks.


Building Your First Chatbot

In this example I will build a Slack Chatbot using Slack and Limbo "Easy way to simplify the Slack Chatbot" on Centos 7 server.

  1. You have to create your own Slack account first.
  2. Download/Git Clone Limbo your first bot.
  3. Create bot and use it's API by following this link.
  4. Run below commands:
    export SLACK_TOKEN="your-api-token"  "In this Centos command line"
    cd limbo
    make run
  5. Now the bot is running and a new room was created in your slack.


  1. cd limbo/plugins.
  2. Inside their you can add your own python scripts and for example if you call it then you can run that from the bot in slace running !deploy.

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