AWS Placement Groups

AWS Placement Groups


What is AWS Placement Group ?

A placement group is a cluster of instances that are all in the same AZ. These instances have 10 Gbps networks and they need to have the “Enhanced Networking” feature. You need to put instances into a placement group if they need to have very low latency between them.

Placement Group Limitations

  • You cannot use Multi-AZ.
  • Placement group name must be unique.
  • Only certain types of EC2 can be launched in placement group.
  • It's recommended to use the same type for all instances.
  • You cannot merge placement group.
  • You cannot add existing instance to a placement group.


How to Launch Placement Group in AWS

  1. Login to AWS Console.
  2. Search for EC2.
  3. Select Placement group under Network & Security.
  4. Choose a name for your placement group. "It takes couple of minutes to appear in the list"
  5. Now launch a new instance or launch from your existing AMI and you can choose the placement group in the "configure" part of the wizard "PS: Keep in mind that not all types can be placed in placement group, if you have chosen a type which cannot be added then the placement group option won't appear".


Method 2

You can create a placement group using the AWS Cli by running below example

aws ec2 create-placement-group --group-name my-cluster --strategy cluster

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