Systemctl Cheat Sheet

Systemctl Most Used Commands -- Systemctl Cheat Sheet

Systemctl is the Centos/RedHAT 7 replacement of old "service" command and more....

Start/Enable a Service

systemctl start httpd

systemctl enable httpd

Note: when enabling a service in RedHAT 7 it's simply creating a symlink "/usr/lib/systemd/system/httpd.service to /etc/systemd/system/"

List running services

systemctl list-unit-files --status=running


List all Services

systemctl list-units --type service


Check if Service is Enabled

systemctl is-active httpd "Check if it's running"

systemctl is-enabled httpd "Check if it's enabled"


Hide a Service

You can use this to make service not available or hidden

systemctl mask httpd.service

And to unmask it run:

systemctl unmask httpd.service


Show Output in Tree Mode

systemctl is-active httpd --full



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