Install AWS OpsWorks Chef

Install AWS OpsWorks Chef

In this article you will learn the outlines of installing Chef Server, Chef Workstation and adding a node.

If you need to learn what is Chef, follow this link

Login to AWS Console, Search for OpsWorks, follow the wizard to create OpsWorks with Shortname.

  • Download Credentials and download the StarterKit

Workstation Server

Copy starter-kit to one of the servers which will going to be your workstation server and unzip it.

Download and install the DK Rpm


rpm -i chefdk-2.4.17-1.el7.x86_64.rpm

All your config now are inside below files which you unziped from starter kit

ls -la .chef/
ca_certs/ knife.rb private.pem

Berks install

SSL_CERT_FILE='.chef/ca_certs/opsworks-cm-ca-2016-root.pem' berks upload

Add node, run below from Workstation

knife bootstrap <node-ip> -N <Node-Name> -x <Node-User-Name> --sudo --identity-file <Private-Key-If-Not-Password>

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